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"I Made This" Web Design Website last Updated: 02/06/2014

Are you in business, looking for Website Design, but are just too busy to set up your own website?

Do you believe that not having a website is having an adverse effect on your business?

Are you unwilling to spend a lot of money until you judge whether or not the expense is justified?

If you answered "Yes" to one or more of those questions, "I Made This" Web Design can help. Use the links in the navigation bar above to find out more: more about who "I Made This" is; more about other websites created by "I Made This"; more about what is on offer, and what it will cost. Whether you want a simple, inexpensive, self-maintained basic website to promote your business, or a bespoke, tailored-to-your-requirements package, use the enquiry form on the Contact Page to let me know. For a website that can include tailored web design, a choice of bespoke photography or stock photos, or a simple, static "brochure" style site  -  get in touch.

"I Made This" Web Design can provide all you need for an online presence:

Stock images or bespoke, original photography;

Templated design for low-cost options;

Provision for self-maintenance;

Bespoke design for a precision, customised look;

Ongoing web support and maintenance.

For a single set-up fee, "I Made This" Web Design can get you up and running with a simple website to your minimum specifications, with no hosting charges, so you have an opportunity to see the benefits yourself.

If you are satisfied with the basic website, that's it. Perform your own basic maintenance, answer your correspondence, and away you go.

 But ... if you want to take things to the next level, "I Made This" Web Design can set you up with a bespoke, made-to-measure website to your specific requirements, and give you a website that is relevant and dedicated to your business.

Let Your Ideas Take Flight!

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