So, What's On Offer?

The basic product that I offer is the "Static Single-Page". It will be made, like this site you are presently looking at, using the free website builder. It can be supplemented by the addition of any number of extra pages to your specification (usually, but  not exclusively): 'About Me'; 'Contact Me'; and some sort of 'Portfolio' or 'Gallery' page. The basic price includes an initial visit to take the photographs to get the website established.

The advantages of this set-up are as follows:

  • there are no hosting charges until you decide to upgrade;
  • once up-and-running, maintenance is simple and can be carried out as frequently as desired, by the client her or himself;
  • subsequently expanding the site by adding new pages is straightforward, and can be done by the client, or (for additional charges) by "I Made This" Web Design;
  • if the client is not concerned to have a custom Domain Name, the site will remain free of hosting charges.

Disadvantages include the following:

  • The web address belongs to, so looks like this - (However, it is not expensive to purchase your own domain name, and so have a web address like this -;
  • if you choose not to purchase your own domain name, then place adverts for themselves on your website (though some might think that a small price to pay);
  • having a address also makes your site more difficult to find by search engines, but with the correct approach to SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) such difficulties are not insurmountable.

If at some point you choose to upgrade to one of the Premium Hosting Services, then your own domain name may be included for as long as you subscribe, and you also gain additional services such as increased storage capacity (for photos or other files), or a larger limit on the amount of stock displayed in an online shop, for example. Further Search Engine Optimisation options may also be included.

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Website design and construction

Static Single-Page:                  £100

Additional Page (examples might be Events Page to highlight regular or forthcoming attractions; a team page could introduce members of the darts, pool or dominoes teams; a fixtures page to showcase forthcoming matches):           £100

Food Menu (includes downloadable copies of menus):                                 £50 per menu

Links page:                                 £50 ten links

Clients may wish to consider the provision of the text required for the website. No additional charge will be made if clients supply their own via e-mail. If copy needs to be typed, there will be a charge of:

                                                      £10 per A4


Bespoke Photography

The basic price for a website includes the photography to illustrate the basic website. If these photographs are to the clients' taste, and they prove sufficient for purpose, then no further photography will be necessary.

If, however, the client has specific ideas for particular photographs, there are several ways in which these may be supplied. Clients may already possess pictures of their own which will fit the bill. These, obviously, will incur no additional charge, but clients must consider copyright issues, particularly if the images actually belong to someone else.

Stock photographs (see below) can be searched to obtain the desired images, and some of these may be "Rights Free" and therefore free to use.

And finally, "I Made This" can provide bespoke photography to the clients' specification. If the clients have a clear idea of what is desired, this need not be as expensive as might be feared. A single session (roughly one hour) can cost as little as:                               £75 - £100


Stock images (copyright held by "I Made This")

If suitable images are available from the "I Made This" archive, they can be available for long-term use on websites for a single payment of as little as

                                   £5 per image

Additional uses (eg. to illustrate brochures or flyers) are permissible, but additional charges will apply.

Stock Images (Rights purchased or rights free)

Stock images will be charged at market rates, plus a service charge if "I Made This" is requested to find them. Rights free images (for example from Google Images) will cost nothing to use, but "I Made This" will make a service charge if requested to search for the images.

"I Made This" Web Design: 01539 729505 e-mail: [email protected]